The new MC 14 GT


Part of he Comacchio line of multipurpose machines for geothermal drilling, the new MC 14 GT offers significan advantages in terms of safety and productivity.

The new MC 14 GT_immagine

Presented during GeoTherm trade fair and congress in Offenburg (Germany), the MC 14 GT is the latest addition to the Comacchio line of machines designed for geothermal drilling applications. This product line was created to offer innovative solutions aimed at boosting efficiency and productivity and making geothermal drilling operations cleaner and safer.

Born as a development of the MC 14, the machine is equipped with an innovative Comacchio-patented undercarriage which improves the stability of the machine. The MC 14 GT can therefore operate on uneven or sloping ground and in tight spaces, making accurate borehole positioning faster and easier. This is made possibile also thanks to the mast kinematics system equipping the MC 14 GT, inspired by Comacchio micropile drilling rigs.

The MC 14 GT incorporates a double-head system that allows for simultaneous drilling and casing, thus increasing efficiency and productivity, while preserving groundwater resources from contamination. Furthermore, the double-head system features a preventer with a hose to safely divert drill cuttings, thus minimizing the environmental impact of the drilling process on the project site.

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