CA 2020


Using the CA 2015 as a base design, the CA 2020 is a midsize hydraulic drilling rig capable of performing a wide range of applications for water well drilling. The machine is equipped with a mast using a hydraulic cylinder feed system which provides up to 20,000 daN of pull. Depending on the specific applications, the CA 2020 can be equipped with different types of rotary heads, which can be suitable both for direct circulation drilling (with or without the use of a down-the-hole hammer) and reverse mud circulation drilling. The CA 2020 is also extremely versatile due to the large number of accessories available, such as double or triple clamps, various models of winches, foam pumps, duplex and triplex pumps etc.


Engine Power 160 kW (214 HP)
Max Width 2.570 mm 8.4 ft
Weight 19.000 kg 41,900 lbs
Mast Feed 7.000 mm 23 ft
Feed Force 12.000 daN 26,977 lbs
Retract Force 20.000 daN 44,962 lbs
Rotary Torque Max. 2.235 - 3.750 daNm 16,484 - 27,660 lb*ft
Rotary Speed Max. 72 - 182 rpm
Clamp Range 45 - 435 mm 1.8 - 17.1 in